Monday, January 19, 2009

Well it's moving day. I took a vacation day so I decided to move some of my plants out of the "Germination Room" and bring upstairs to receive some natural light. My living room receives sunlight most of the day so I will fill up the shelving unit I built yesterday. I decided this year I was going to plant more seeds. I added more shelves and lights but didn't take into account for growth. Some of the plants are to tall to keep under lights and I have more seeds to start. I have tomatoes, peppers and cantaloupe along with some more annuals at the end of the month. I read about companion planting on the web where it talked about certain flowers and herbs help repel insects, so I want to get these started.

March will be a busy time since this is when I move all the plants to the Greenhouse. If money was not an issue I would move them there now but the heating cost would enormous. Later today I will post some pics of the new shelf full of plants.

Have good day!!

link to companion planting

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